Leadership speech

Since its establishment, Shandong Xinlong International Trade Co., Ltd. has adhered to the corporate spirit of "taking technology as the guide, seeking development through innovation, pursuing survival through quality, and treating customers with integrity". We implement the business philosophy of "talent-oriented, leading in technology, and customer-centric", and adhere to the national policy of vigorously supporting the industrialization of the steel industry. We take it as our responsibility to break the external dependence of the steel industry chain and strive to achieve the dual improvement of economic and social benefits. All employees work diligently and make outstanding contributions to promoting the healthy development of the steel industry and advancing the technological revolution in the steel industry.

Skillfully crafted, we are practical and pragmatic; With a global perspective, we strive for excellence. Headquartered in Shandong, our company provides services to clients across China and worldwide. Looking to the future, we have only one goal: to shape the excellent brand of the Chinese steel industry through our own strength and contributions to society, using "integrity and quality", and make the steel industry renowned internationally!

We firmly believe that Shandong Xinlong International Trading Co., Ltd. will lead the steel industry forward with a more stable pace, a sense of urgency, and a sense of mission. Upholding the principles of honesty and open-mindedness, our company is willing to work hand in hand with you to create a more brilliant tomorrow!