Advantages of Galvanized Sheet

Aug 04,2023

Galvanized sheet has many advantages and has an irreplaceable role in many industries; It can be cut and processed arbitrarily, and its corrosion resistance is strong, many acid and alkali substances in the atmosphere can not corrode it, so its service life is excellent in similar products, and the comprehensive performance is strong. Usually the thickness of galvanized sheet is higher, which makes it longer life, higher appearance quality, the following Xiaobian tells you the advantages of galvanized sheet.

What is galvanizing and what is its physicochemical principle?

Galvanized sheet has excellent performance, good plasticity when heated to 100~150 °C, and can be rolled and forged; By 250, it becomes brittle and dry, zinc in the air is relatively stable, and the white mold layer of carbonate or oxide is easy to form on the surface of water and humid air with protection; Zinc is amphoteric metal corrosion in acid, so its coating belongs to anodic protection, low cost, easy processing, good effect, many rigid iron parts after galvanizing will make the performance better.

What are the specific benefits of galvanizing?

(1) The life of the product after galvanizing is long, and the life of galvanized sheet and cold-rolled plate can be extended by more than double compared with the type of product.

(2) It can be directly plated on carbonized, nitrided steel and cast iron

(3) High current efficiency

(4) The waste liquid is easy to treat, only need to precipitate the zinc with high pH value

(5) Good conductivity, save power supply

(6) The hydrogen production is less embrittle

(7) Gloss coating can be obtained at higher temperature

(8) The plating solution is stable and has low toxicity and strong environmental protection, which is also a product vigorously promoted by many industries, its production cost is low, and it is widely used, and plays an important role in many industries.

What are the advantages of galvanized sheet? What are the important applications?

The surface has strong oxidation resistance and can strengthen the anti-rust penetration ability of parts.

Galvanized sheet is mainly used in air conditioning, refrigerator and other industries. For example, the back panel of the indoor unit of the air conditioner, the back plate of the cabinet machine, the internal parts, the shell and interior of the outdoor unit are all made of galvanized sheet. The working environment of these parts will encounter strong oxidation conditions such as rain, sun, and warm gas corrosion, so galvanized sheet is often used.

The above is the powerful advantage of galvanized sheet, and it can be used as a new material without reprocessing, and the surface is smoother; Galvanized sheet air duct, galvanized sheet negative pressure fan are used as the main raw material, and its processing cost is low, one-stop production cutting and processing, which makes its cost performance greatly improved.