Easy to install and long life without pollution.

Aug 04,2023

In recent years, China has vigorously advocated low-carbon environmental protection and energy saving slogans, and in all kinds of buildings, the movable board room is a type of building that can basically fully meet this slogan. In addition, it also has excellent safety features.

To sum up, the movable panel room is mainly easy to install, long life, no pollution, secondly, the movable panel room also has the characteristics of wind, earthquake resistance, waterproof, safety performance is very reliable, in addition to meeting different needs and good adaptability to the environment. This also makes the movable panel room especially meet people's needs.

In addition, the construction of the movable panel room is also very simple, the main thing is to level the surrounding and partition wall foundation, and then erect the pillars, connect the skeleton with transverse beams, and put on the partition, the exterior wall panel and the door and window frame; Follow the floor laying, install another layer up, and then put on the roof truss and roof panels; Finally, install doors and windows, etc., and pull vertical supports. There are also decoration parts such as water and electricity, sanitary ware, and small hardware.

Its characteristics are: can be disassembled and assembled at will, easy to transport, easy to move. Does not occupy space, the activity room is hygienic and clean, the indoor facilities are complete, the stability and durability of the activity room are strong, and the appearance is beautiful and generous. Designed according to customer requirements, exquisite and elegant, good thermal insulation performance, warm in winter and cool in summer, most of the structure of the activity room is completed in the factory. The on-site installation of the activity room not only does not damage the environment but also is green and environmentally friendly, which not only has practical value, but also has more ornamental value. The beautiful activity room is a family travel, resort, villa villa, entertainment place.

Through these series of operations, the movable panel house can stand out in the current demand, and finally form the indispensable position today. It is also believed that such a building has a broader space for development in the future.